The ability to design is critical to the future of businesses in the world today. One can argue it has always been, but with the evolution of the digital, never before has it been at such high exposure. In the midst of information overload, I feel graphic design has an increasingly important job of distinguishing a product in the market whereby thoughts and ideas merge together to convey information in a representational form. As a product of the internet age, I have relied heavily on this realization to both sustain and propel myself in the world of design.

While art has played a prominent role in my education, my interest lies in the integration of design and business. Taking this aspect forward in the year of 2011, I started to publish projects in the realm of photography, web development and application UI design which with initial hiccups though, came almost naturally to me and hence this realization pushed me to start my own website. Arz Bhatia Design Works is an enterprise that empowers small-businesses through design and creative thinking which allows them to develop their own brand identity. This venture has allowed me to gather experience in design, communication and marketing. Moreover it has also helped me grow as an individual as it was this moment I was introduced to the concept and power of simple yet potent design.


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