OnePlus Radio

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OnePlus Radio

“new EVTs for the OnePlus X are out — they’re pretty slick and they used your design for the hardware keys. Oh and the screen is like really black


what I was playing with — OnePlus X (5” OLED display, curved corners, all glass), a radio antenna and the urge to completely change the design strategy — making the OnePlus X an exclusive.

ABDW Radio Mood OPX

a well thought design direction followed with the first project being the radio app — embrace the black, make colors pop & we’re golden!

ABDW Bar Radio Block
ABDW First Radio Icon Block
ABDW Select Icon Radio Block

keywords — fun, enticing, bringbackradio

how do you make something aging out fun? it’s almost like reviving floppy disks isn’t it?

ABDW Radio Connect Block OPX@2x

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