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Paranoid Android – Website

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Paranoid Android – Website

With the new release of Paranoid Android (8.0 and up) it was time to update it’s website and relevant web documentations.

With over 700,000 downloads yearly, the website was to be designed and built keeping both fans (recurring users) and new potential users in mind.

With most views being of those who know Paranoid Android already, the need for a website more convenient for those specific users was higher than otherwise.

Built on React, the website automatically adapts to the client it is being viewed on meaning it is responsive enough to adjust to all screen sizes whether a 5K retina display, a 2K mobile device or even a 144p potato.

The website was designed in a way where it seemed more like an app instead of a standard webpage and thanks to React being so responsive we were able to make that happen.

All pages are loaded at once therefore enhancing the experience.

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