The Pizza Index (Legacy)

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The Pizza Index (Legacy)

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The Pizza Index (Legacy)

An app allowing users to compare prices of a given commodity to day-to-day items. How many pizzas/coffees can one buy instead of the item they have been eyeballing. The app helps users take the final call while they’re looking to buy something which may be highly priced.

In other words, a very quirky money manager.

The functionality is relatively simple — We fetch the average price of the feature item (in this case pizzas) based on the user’s location and just divide the input price by it.

Input price / avg. price = transaction value ( $ or 🍕)

Conversions are saved as transactions. Transactions can be labeled for future references making TPI (The Pizza Index) a very simple finance app which can be of help when buying, selling or even when you’ve decided not to buy something as you did ultmately end up saving money.

ABDW TPI Web Cover @ 2x

Users get to sign up and save their transactions and also get the ability to link up to 2 devices per account.

Other categories (coffee, gum or even custom) and licenses for extra devices are unlocked via in-app purchases.

Built on React, the app scales on all platforms meaning iOS, Android and even web.

The web-app is designed in a way where the user doesn’t go through any sort of confusion given the interface looks almost exactly the same (on purpose) meaning there’s no learning curve when switching platforms.


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